Waiting on a Son: An Introduction | Cape Cod, MA |Lifestyle Maternity Photographer


It is the start of the journey, a hello that holds an instant connection in its invitation to wait with them as they wait for him. It is the first chapter of the story that hovers and waits to tell itself to us. We watch, capture, and get to know in anticipation of that sacred space of new life arriving. You can see already what this third son might look like in the images of his brothers; blonde, blue-eyed, and smiling, the sweetest sweetness, every inch of them boys. They move and dig and swing and play, and though the fall air is chilled, their parents’ love blankets them regardless of touch.

The belly that holds their brother is rounding for his arrival, weeks away. We talk of the true reactions of little boys in the face of babies. Are they excited? Do they really understand? How do little minds grasp all of this – another to love, another to need love. They do it with their hearts. I watch the tangible transformation through my lens and am each time in awe of the innate understanding of siblinghood.

But for now Tonka trucks need their affection. They drive them through the mud and there is a unspoken knowledge that this will be good.