Baby Alivia, "Liv" | Wareham, MA, Birth Photographer


I haven’t known them long, but the story they tell me during our first visit, when I capture her round belly, meet the family feline and pooch, and talk of the potential of snowstorms and birth, resonates as she labors. They waited for each other for a lifetime it seems, patient love, and they burst as they talk of blushing adoration and a love that has always been. The way a loved one places hands on a laboring woman outlines their connection and speaks a language all its own, words without words. In some touch there is a knowing that cannot be taught or learned. Fingers brush skin with ease and grace and with this holding her up she brings her baby down and they usher more life into their always known love. Hearts fill to bursting, and in an instant they are more, their story overflowing with letters and words that stretch across the pages to write the next chapter.


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